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SWERVE; The Story of an Orphan Boy

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“It’s a wonderful story and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m ready for more.” – Didi

“Illuminating book for adults who were abused as children and trying to figure out who they are. A beautiful memoir in a conversational style, with humor and humanity throughout. It was like having coffee with the author, hearing an incredible story of pain and abuse, but couched in humor, wisdom, and references to movies, songs and the media. Very difficult to read Chapter 11, with horrific abuse scenes. Enlightening analysis of the Catholic Church’s involvement in the author’s life, both positive and negative. I’m sending much love, compassion and appreciation for the courage of this LGBTQ author in sharing his memoir..” – Mary Ann

“This is a terrific memoir of a difficult life. Franklyn’s distinctive voice is humorous and believable because of his openness to the vulnerability of memory. He is a master of the quick brushstroke characterization, describing his family, friends, teachers, and others, often with references to well-known cultural figures from the movies.” – Jeff

The story begins in 1952 in Detroit. A boy is born into a family that can’t provide for him and is immediately turned over to Catholic Social Services. Thus begins a sometimes harrowing journey of abandonment and longing, various forms of trauma and abuse, self discovery and self realization in which Catholicism is the only constant. His effeminate behavior figures prominently in how his story unfolds. Through adoption, foster placements, children’s homes and Military Academies, he is uprooted and transplanted on an almost yearly basis until he lands at Boys Town as he enters high school. There, he grapples with his sexuality against the backdrop of the teachings of the Catholic Church and begins to develop a sense of self and an understanding of the real meaning of family.

GL Franklyn tells his story with a lighthearted conversational tone, weaved with subtle comic undertones that cushions against some of the more cringe-worthy elements of his story. His flair for describing the people and places that populate his life brings the reader into the story with him. Ultimately this is an engaging story of the resilience of the human spirit against what may seem like insurmountable odds. The story will resonate with Gay people and those who were raised in unconventional circumstances.



WARNING: One chapter of the story contains a graphic depiction of Homosexual Sexual Assault and a few others briefly mentions sex acts between boys.