About Gregory Franklyn

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I’m a Taurus and many of the things you think about the sign are true of me. I’m a native of Detroit Michigan and was born on May 9, 1952 at Sarah Fischer Hospital as an orphan. I now call Portland Oregon my home, with stints in the world famous BoysTown Nebraska (Now Boys & Girls Town), Phoenix Arizona, Eureka California and Seattle Washington.

While at BoysTown I was president of the Model United Nations for 3 of my four years and a state champion in varsity debate in my senior year. I’m a graduate of the Columbia School of Broadcasting and worked for a while as a DJ at KBFE-FM 105 in Casa Grande Arizona in the late 70s. I was host of a local television talk show called “Street Level” from 1992 to 1995 here in Portland and won 3 juried awards for video production from the Northwest Regional Alliance for Community Media.

I’ve equally enjoyed my journeys into music as a tiny little Rock Star in Northern California in the 80s, into television in Oregon in the 90s, into support for those personally affected by homelessness in the new millennium and my new incarnation as an author and columnist today.

My first book “Basic Video Production for Beginners” is a useful basic guide to video production. If you have an interest in making good video this book will set you up with the basic elements needed to place you ahead of the game from day one. It’s my little statement about empowerment to help you do something that might change the world a little bit, if you so desire. It was self published in 2008 and you can have a copy in electronic form for the asking. If you want to buy it, it’s $6.95. (Paypal me that amount to (glfranklyn@yahoo.com)If you just want it, ask nicely and I’ll send it to you just for asking nicely.

I’ve maintained and nurtured a lifelong interest in the subject matter covered in this blog. If you read it, you’ll see me learn even more about the world and bring you a perspective that you may not have thought of. I tend to tie things together that seem unrelated on the surface. That would likely be because of who I am. As I said, I am unrelated myself, yet connected in unusual ways. It is my sincere hope that you think and feel something, whether you agree or not!

Let the discussion begin….

Much Love,