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Mother Theresa V God

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5/6/2009 By Gregory Franklyn

I don’t know if I ‘m alone here or not, but the passing of Mother Theresa last month coupled with the release of some of her letters and other writings brings up a couple of significant points that I HOPE is making people think a little differently about religious teaching in general and (because it ‘s the tradition I ‘m most familiar with) Christianity in particular.

I feel like I need to mention that I am not an Atheist even though a legitimate argument can be made that I often sound like one! I do share a disdain for “Religion” with Atheists and agree wholeheartedly with the lion ‘s share of what they say about the worship of God. It appears, from Mother Theresa ‘s writings, that I ‘m in pretty good company on this Sunday Morning!

This remarkable woman was a GLOBAL Icon of FAITH in God! She won a Nobel Prize for it, for Christ ‘s sake! (Literally!) She personified proper adherence to the “Religious” teachings of Christianity. She followed the Christian playbook so closely that she became the Icon, the living example, of how it should be done. Not even the POPE, ANY Pope, has had the Christian “Street Cred” that Mother Theresa had!

Because of these writings I have a LOT more respect for Mother Theresa now than I ever had while she was alive. I had pretty much written her off as a religious robot. A woman who responded with near perfection to what Christianity teaches right down to the last letter in the playbook. I could recognize it in her because I had spent the bulk of my youth doing the same thing! Not NEARLY as well, mind you, but that was my intent and I was good enough at it to have to spend the rest of my life, so far, recovering from the damage caused by it!

What I never suspected of her was that she was a living breathing THINKING human being underneath all that Christian propaganda. She got screwed by what I call “The Romantic Christian Fantasy”. Every religion has it ‘s own version of it. The trappings of religion, that being, what the proponents of that particular religion created around it to recruit for the religion and advance its worldly cause. You might equate it to the platform of a political party. At its core, that is what a religion IS, after all. A man made political platform for a world view.

I believe her very heart was in what she was reflecting to the world. However, it was all based on a story and a socio-spiritual structure that had been twisted, molded, reconfigured and manipulated over two millennia into a grotesque assault on the core of what the story was really about. I ‘m so delighted that she recognized that before she left! It ‘s had a tremendous impact on me to know that. I feel a little bit less alone this Sunday because I had a sister all these years and didn’t even know it.

Mother Theresa became so totally disillusioned about the Christianity that she was taught by the Church that she decided that she didn’t believe in God at all. Having gone through much of the same training, I agree with her. The way God is portrayed by religions is unbelievable for a very good reason! IT ‘S NOT TRUE! That ‘s why all religions rely on the concept of “Faith” to keep folks in the fold. If they didn’t push the “Faith” button all the time, people would realize that they are being fed a political agenda about a particular world view and likely start looking for truth. Truth is not a very good thing for religions. It challenges their political platform.

God Bless you Mother Theresa, for recognizing that you had been screwed before you left. I think more of you because you trusted yourself, and had enough strength of character to even consider the possibility that the church may have been wrong about God all along. But, my dear sister, you were not screwed by God, you were screwed by an organization that presents itself as representative of God. You were screwed by PEOPLE with a political agenda for a world view.

The fact that Mother Theresa did NOT stop doing what she was doing because of her epiphany about the existence of God, is equally important to me. It brings up an issue that all religions push as part of their agenda. “Without faith in God there would be no reason to do good works and the entire planet would descend into selfish chaos and bloodshed!” All religions teach that if you do not believe in God then you are automatically a homicidal sociopath.

Also not true and Mother Theresa came to my rescue on that point too! There ARE Natural laws at work in the world that CAN be proven. Karma is a law that states that what you create, or bring forth in the world will, at some point return to you. Good will and bad will are both included. Charles Manson is getting his and Mother Theresa is getting hers too!

Mother Theresa put love, care and work into the world and she is now at peace and her memory is loved, appreciated and imitated by uncountable people the world over (today, including me) and Charles Manson suffers the fate of existing in his own twisted mind for the rest of his life followed by a memory of disrespect and abhorrence.

Mother Theresa found a reason OTHER than God to continue a life of service to her fellow inhabitants of earth. Who knows what that reason may have been, but it disproves the teaching of ALL religions that I mentioned. If you do good works, you create a more loving place to exist. That can be proven. If you do bad works you create a more hostile environment in which to exist. That, also, can be proven and the existence or absence of God is not central to its truth.   Let the debate begin!

Much Love,


Bah Humbug!

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December 10, 2008 – by Gregory Franklyn

The top news stories today were certainly juicy and tantalizing. Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich is burning up airtime like a spring break bonfire for his attempted sale of the US Senate seat formerly occupied by President Elect Barack Obama. He got arrested and jailed yesterday and has the unmitigated gall to show up at work today like nothing out of the ordinary had just happened.

It turns out nothing out of the ordinary HAD taken place. Politicians in Illinois being escorted into judicial custody is hardly out of the ordinary for Illinois. Nor is slinging blame, there’s plenty for everyone in Chicago politics!

The other big story would have to be the 14 Billion dollars under congressional consideration for US Automakers. Not that that would be news either, we’re having 70s flashbacks about US Automakers getting bailed out of financial ruin. Lee Iacoca must be chuckling under his breath right now. There’s also the unfolding soap opera in New York over Caroline Kennedy and, of all people, Fran Drescher, Seeking the Senate seat vacated by Secretary of State, to be, Hillary Clinton.

Amidst this feast of juicy pabulum the story that really captured my imagination is this little aside on “Countdown with Keith Olberman” this evening about Australian astronomer Dave Reneke who has discovered that there is very serious scientific support to question whether December 25th is, or is not, Jesus Christ’s birthday! WHAT???

Ok, we all know that the day we celebrate Christmas was probably NOT the actual date of the birth of Christ. Science has pretty much demonstrated that according to the description of events described in the Bible, the birth of Christ could not have taken place in the winter. Interestingly, this scientist was able to pinpoint the exact date of the event. Ready? June 17, 2 B.C.. Let that twist your mind for a minute.

Jesus was born on June 17th 2 years before the birth of Christ. Those of you who, like former President Bill Clinton, didn’t inhale may be having some difficulty with this concept, but, for the record, I did   Inhale, and I did so repeatedly. It all makes perfect sense to me.

The reason why I mention this story is to illustrate my long held aversion to Christmas. Christmas is a season I’ve never participated in as a matter of choice. I get dragged, kicking and screaming, into it like it was a trip to the medicine cabinet where mom keeps the Castor Oil. If you are a Christian, you, in particular, should be outraged at the desecration of the memory of your lord and savior. What would Jesus do? Think money-changers at the temple. If I m not mistaken, Jesus was a tad bit annoyed at the prospect of Macy’s setting up a little shop on his dad’s porch.

Reneke’s astounding discovery will come as no surprise to the Vatican. They’ve known about this for quite some time. A couple millennia to be exact. As a matter of fact, it was the Vatican, or whatever it was called at the time, that changed the date of the blessed event to “coincide” with the already strong tradition of the Winter Solstice celebrated by most other religions, and, frankly everyone else in the known world, other than Christians. And, as standard operational procedure dictates, Christians even got the date wrong. The Solstice is actually the 21st not the 25th. But I digress! “Coincide” is way to diplomatic of a term to use for the intent of changing Jesus’ Birthday to the Winter Solstice Celebration. “Obliterate” was more the actual intent.

When you’re decorating your Christmas Tree and roasting your chestnuts on that Yule Log you’ll likely be oblivious to the fact that these two traditions, like most Christmas Traditions, were lifted from those terrible heathen Pagan Winter Solstice Rituals and sanitized for your protection. The intent of the Christian Power Structure at the time was to absorb Pagan traditions, sanitize them and give them a decidedly Christian spin so they would have an easier time convincing the world that Pagans were “So Last Year” and that Christianity was the happening religion of the future.

It’s kind of like Rock and Roll! Since Little Richard and those Muddy Waters era musicians melded a handful of down home musical genres into a virtual revolution of world culture, Rock and Roll continues to eat everything that attempts to compete with it. They must have learned that technique from early Christians who have been applying the very same marketing campaign for centuries. Christianity was the James Dean to the rest of the world’s Pat Boone, at the time. It was the young rebel religion full-throttle, hell bent on eating everything in its path to glory.

So this month we are celebrating the victory of Christianity over everything else in the world on a day that is misrepresented as the day their Christ was born, by celebrating with rituals that were stolen from Pagan Religions and turning the whole nine yards of it over to financial interests who created Santa Claus to be the world s deity for a month so they could sell enough product to earn literally a third of their yearly profits in a single month.

Right here would be a good time to mention that I am NOT an atheist, although a good case can be made that I am, by hearing me rant and rave about Christianity. I believe in God, as I perceive it to be and I love that I do so in my own way. I like to think that God, who, or whatever, that may end up to be, appreciates that I love it so much and am so deeply grateful for the width and breadth of the creation that I experience.

There’s this scene in “A Color Purple” by Alice Walker. It’s near the end of the movie version where recently reunited nellie and Celie are casually walking together through a field of daisies on a gloriously beautiful spring day. They stop for a moment and Nellie picks a little purple flower, shows it to Celie and says, “God made the color purple and, you know, I think he gets pissed off if you don t notice”, Call me weird, but I find that little scene deeply spiritual and I will never forget its truth. That has a LOT more to do with my relationship with God than anything I’ve ever read in any scripture, Bible or otherwise.

I agree with the spirit of giving that we use to excuse our deeper knowledge of the truth of what I m talking about this evening. Giving is a good thing, and lest I be guilty of the same fiction mongering I’m distancing myself from right now, so is receiving! I like that we have a whole season of giving. It starts with Thanksgiving, (my personal favorite because it is about people and love and family and togetherness,,, and food, but alas, also fiction) and ends with Christmas, my least favorite because it pretty much trashes everything Thanksgiving is about.

I say Bah, Humbug because everything about Christmas, as we know it, down to its very roots, is one big jumbled messy misrepresentation (translation = Frigging bold faced LIE!) dressed up with a bow and presented to YOU as something of value. None of it is real, it’s all political, financial, religious power struggling insanity and it always has been. We are a pretty resourceful and creative people. I like to think we can come up with a way to honor the life of this truly remarkable teacher, other than this overwhelmingly grotesque affront to everything he stood for. Surely, we can do better than this!?

Merry Christmas,